Our Story

The Midwood Co. project began in 2019. Co-founders and lifelong friends Ryan Gauci and Arden Poklar set out to challenge themselves with a business venture, working to combine their respective expertise in business & design, to create a sustainable way to repurpose sawmill by-products into quality consumer materials.

In that time, Midwood has established significant progression in the production of products such as kindling, surveyors pegs and garden stakes.

The company has been extremely fortunate in working with other Victorian-based businesses that have added to their growing client base and a long list of developed skills surrounding safety, environment and productivity.

The Midwood Co. team strives to ensure the production of the best possible products whilst consistently practising their core values of Culture, Quality and Community.

Midwood Co. will continue sourcing the most sustainable products possible, with the goal of becoming one of the biggest names in Australia for our respective industry, boasting a wide range of useful products and an elite team of diverse workers.

Bring warmth to life’s restful moments with Midwood Co.’s finest firewood and kindling.
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