Our Vision

“Midwood Co. has sustainably provided an array of quality wood products for the Australian community since 2019. We aim to consistently practice safe and environmentally conscious methods on a quest to become a premium supplier and staple name in the timber industry. Our team lives and breathes the core values of Culture, Quality and Community, which provide the stepping stones to reaching our desired heights.”

Ryan Gauci and Arden Poklar, Founders

Core Values


The values and traditions we hold with staff and clients.

Midwood Co. is committed to providing a safe and desirable working environment for our team, which is transpired into the processes in place when dealing with new and existing business relationships. This includes valuing clients clear beyond the norm. Such a culture contributes to making Midwood Co. a desirable employer where communication and the wellbeing of our team is a major priority.


The standards we set for overall condition.

Midwood Co. takes significant pride in the manufacturing and presentation of all products we sell on the market. We strongly believe these product attributes are a direct representation of the company’s operational health, more specifically our teams’ commitment to our brand and reputation. The value of quality extends into the formation and maintenance of quality business relationships from suppliers through to buyers, by assuring all parties experience comfort and efficiency across all encounters.


Our involvement and care for all customers.

Midwood Co. finds great joy in driving personal relationships with our customers. We as a business want to take our operations beyond products and services’ and enter the realm of creating a Midwood ecosystem that adds joy and meaning to what we do on a daily basis. We strongly focus on a customer first attitude and commit to the needs and desires of all who belong to the brand.