Firewood, when burnt, is effectively carbon neutral and is one of very few current renewable resources that can heat your home. All our production machinery is run on electricity, powered with the help of 60 solar panels in order to reduce emissions. Our primary focus is to repurpose as much wood as possible, reducing waste into numerous by-products which can be used in your garden. We do our best to source from plantations as well as from weather-damaged sites with fallen trees for our kindling. This reduces the possibility of affecting native fauna as well as lessening potential bushfire risk. As long as you have purchased your wood from sustainable sources, you are helping the environment by heating your home with a tangible and renewable resource.


Midwood Co. is a Melbourne based kindling and firewood supplier & retailer. Our products are grown, harvested, prepared and packaged in Australia.

We pride ourselves on practising safe and sustainable operations by maintaining the very environment that provides the base for our ecosystem of products.

Bring warmth to life’s restful moments with Midwood Co.’s finest firewood and kindling.
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